Don’t just wish. Do.



Wishes can be big, small or in between. No matter the size, wishes are magical because of their potential yet simultaneous demeanor of just being out of reach.

If you want it, go for it.

Prepare, and do the work. It will not be easy, that’s wishful thinking, but it will be worth it.



Digging Deep: Why ‘being more positive’ is not a clear New Years Resolution


A common resolution/intention held for a New Year is to be more positive, or bring more positivity into daily life. As I was rough drafting what I wanted for myself of out 2017, I found that little phrase of ‘be more positive’ scribbled among the other good intentions, and it struck me: that is not enough. In general I am a positive person, typically smiling and encouraging, so what else did  I want to ‘be more positive’ about? Enter the inquiry. It was time to dig deep and find the real resolution.

I started thinking beyond the cliche and asked myself a couple of tougher questions. How can I be more positive? What can I do right now/work to change to bring more optimistic vibes to my daily life? 

The answer came out a lot more fluidly than I was anticipating: Bitch less.

I usually have a slew of sarcastic comments, or snarky remarks for a person or situation when they elicit a dramatic eye roll. As tongue in cheek as my comments can be I realize they are not of benefit to me – nor their target. Despite the battle to parallel, life is not a reality sitcom and a stinger comment lasts longer than a 30-60 minute plot with commercial breaks. This is where I need an adjustment.

When I feel the remark, or coyness rising I will work to filter it through three questions:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

Simple. To the point. Black and white honesty. No grey area to dance through.

So, in the next few weeks if you see me staring off, or stopping short of responding know that I am not having a brain fart but reflecting. I know this will take a while, so pardon the silence. What was the adage from when we were young? If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it?  Oh, right.





Where can you dig deeper with your intentions? 





3 things they don’t tell you about vulnerability



I have heard it time and time again; get raw, be vulnerable, open up.. and a multitude of synonyms orbiting the same idea. The root to happiness is finding the truth within ourselves, and in order to get there ‘experts’ and novice alike agree, getting vulnerable and settling into our core will allow personal freedom.

Okay. I believe that. I really do. I have had the opportunity to move through yoga teacher training with this ideology, I’ve read books on authenticity since a young girl. What people don’t tell you, beyond the fluff and such, this action of inquiry – the real digging deal- can hurt like hell! No one can prepare you for what you will find when you dig deep and look at your internal mirror.

Three things they don’t tell you and you should realize and embrace moving into the arena of yourself:

1.) It’s scary – All those things you tucked away, or thought you forgot.. they’re there; etched in your cells. They’ve helped build who you are and no matter what, your choices actions fears thoughts memories are there.
2.) It hurts. and it an HURT! Oh my GOD. Theres a reason we suppress memories and situations… but with that reason comes scarring and inability to build upon new. Through vulnerability and inquiry or both we allow debridement of our scars to heal and continue on.
3.) It is cathartic. It is not pleasant, but when it’s out and released you feel so much better. An emotional high of acceptance, letting go or whatever was needed. Maybe just simply trying a new: either way it’s a cathartic release and overall healthy.

There is a reason vulnerability and courage go hand in hand. But i promise, with the right tools digging deep and meeting your vulnerability head on, is a game changer.