Friday Five Feel Good | February 17th

A roundup of random feel goods for you to end the week.


+ My Current Feel Good Song : Don’t Rain on My Parade – Lea Michele . Yes, just give a listen; it’ll give you a pep in your step. Right sir?

+ Panda Cam! Watch the pandas live at the  San Diego Zoo (**Bonus, there are links to other animal cams )

+ Valentine’s Day is for Weiners : dawww the puppy

+ Beauty and the Beast – Final Trailer : The Final US trailer for Beauty and the Beast



you are allowed to cut toxic people from your life | A 5minute read



We are not obligated to maintain or gut through a relationship that brings us physical or emotional pain, suffering, distortion, or harm.

Give yourself permission to distinguish those embers that exert toxicity in your life. You can eliminate what does not serve your equanimity. Yes! You are allowed to walk away from people and situations that drain you

Life, as obvious as it is to say, is rarely consistently perfect. The good and bad ebb and flow creating balance. However, when this balance is so disrupted, your body is suffering, your mind is suffering, and you can identify the cause- it is your duty to debride.

Whether the cause is a father, sibling, aunt, cousin, best friend, lover, acquaintance, or social media account: you are not obligated to dedicate a moment to feeling less than worthy.

Sitting here writing black on white, it is easy to type and empowering. Heck yeah! Let’s rally and eliminate all those toxic sludge balls. It is not easy; at least not all the time. Acknowledge the hesitation, the feelings of remorse, and often guilt, that arises – then let them pass. In medicine, clinicians often utilize a risk / benefit scale when prescribing treatments to patients. If the treatment has side effects, but the outcome positively outweighs the limited discomfort, it is worth pursuing.  As is with this severance; the initial , or intermittent feelings of confusion may come yet your overall health and comfort is worth the cut.



Gratitude Journal | New Years Resolution gone right


This year, like most others, I was gung ho on establishing resolutions, to last longer than the one – two week, new year’s high. I was intent on creating mindful habits for myself, whether others understood or not. So brass I know.

One of these habits to matriculate was creating, and maintaining a gratitude journal. There are numerous articles on the benefit and bliss of gratitude, and the effects of just simply acknowledging what you were grateful for in the moment.  During yoga, and personal journaling I have done this once or twice but to make it a habit is head and heart healthy; and I need more of that.

To keep it simple and obtainable, again the goal is to create a habit to last longer than a couple weeks,  I made it a to-do to list 3 things right now ( whether  I got to it morning, noon, or before bed) I am grateful for. As the days moved along, some days had upwards of 10 and some the minimum three.

Instead of buying ANOTHER notebook (guilty pleasure); I created my own. I randomly bought a pack of 3 blank hardcover notebooks  (the ones they give to kids in grade school) from Target  for $3,  months ago with the knowledge that YES one day I will use these.

January 1 was that lucky day for a blank book. With my watercolors in hand, I decorated the front and back, and doodled on the first page “Today I am grateful for…” And the rest is recent history. I am already in the second month and I make sure to pack this little guy even when i travel to keep up on it.

Research says it takes 3 weeks (21days) to create a habit; now, onto month two I have created a habit where even when I begin to feel stress, anger, anxiety, I think ‘ok what am I grateful for in this moment’

Not say it is ever easy, but it’s a step and start in the positive direction.