Friday Two Minute Read | Life beyond goals


Sitting in a hospital cafeteria, waiting for my next meeting, I was able to pause. The pause generated the thought that, between our goals, and to do list, and check boxes is this thing called LIFE… something that should be lived, enjoyed, treasured, not just checked off.

I have written before on the importance of goal setting for Elephant Journal, and goals are crucial, but so is the balance of relaxation. Unplug, unwind, and allow yourself to enjoy your journey and goals. What’s the point of working hard if you cannot enjoy the benefits?


Color Palette: Purple Spectrum







I have been drawn to the color purple lately, and am seeing it EVERYWHERE.

Isn’t it funny when you start imagining or focusing on a color, you start to see it more and more in ordinary movements? (And that is just noticing a color) Imagine what could be possible when you put energy and positive focus on what you want.




you are allowed to cut toxic people from your life | A 5minute read



We are not obligated to maintain or gut through a relationship that brings us physical or emotional pain, suffering, distortion, or harm.

Give yourself permission to distinguish those embers that exert toxicity in your life. You can eliminate what does not serve your equanimity. Yes! You are allowed to walk away from people and situations that drain you

Life, as obvious as it is to say, is rarely consistently perfect. The good and bad ebb and flow creating balance. However, when this balance is so disrupted, your body is suffering, your mind is suffering, and you can identify the cause- it is your duty to debride.

Whether the cause is a father, sibling, aunt, cousin, best friend, lover, acquaintance, or social media account: you are not obligated to dedicate a moment to feeling less than worthy.

Sitting here writing black on white, it is easy to type and empowering. Heck yeah! Let’s rally and eliminate all those toxic sludge balls. It is not easy; at least not all the time. Acknowledge the hesitation, the feelings of remorse, and often guilt, that arises – then let them pass. In medicine, clinicians often utilize a risk / benefit scale when prescribing treatments to patients. If the treatment has side effects, but the outcome positively outweighs the limited discomfort, it is worth pursuing.  As is with this severance; the initial , or intermittent feelings of confusion may come yet your overall health and comfort is worth the cut.